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Janet Ridley, A Wedding Photographer in Kendal

bride and groom by janet ridley a wedding photographer in kendal

Are you looking for the perfect wedding photographer in Kendal to capture your special day? Well, look no further! In this blog post, I am excited to bring you insights from my experience as a wedding photographer in Kendal. With almost 2 decades of experience, I have gathered all the tips and tricks to ensure your wedding photos turn out perfect. So if you’re looking to make sure your wedding photos turn out exactly how you envisioned, read on for some invaluable advice from a wedding photographer in Kendal.

Meet the Wedding Photographer in Kendal

If you’re in search of an exceptional wedding photographer in Kendal, look no further . myself and my r partner, who together offer years of experience in wedding photography in Kendal , Cumbria and the Lake District.

Our approach is to capture the fun and emotion of your special day, from family and group shots to taking time with just the two of you to capture your love for each other. Our style is to blend in seamlessly with your wedding party and guests, ensuring a relaxed and candid atmosphere that brings out the best in everyone.

After your wedding day, We will provide high resolution colour and black and white edited photographs with full printing rights, giving you and your loved ones lasting memories to cherish forever.

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our happy clients have said:

“I don’t know how you did it but I immediately felt at ease. And you have a lovely way of making everything seem so effortless and seamless” – Mr & Mrs Walker

“Thank you especially for keeping two very camera shy people calm on the day. We actually forgot half the time that you were even snapping away! You made us both feel so at ease during the whole Wedding and actually made it fun to have our photos taken” – Joanne and Robin

“You really managed to capture the relaxed and informal atmosphere. And you did this without us hardly even knowing you were there. Everyone who has seen the photos thinks they are superb” – Your Lake District & Cumbria Wedding Photographer.

Choose me as your wedding photographer in Kendal, and you’ll be making a choice that you won’t regret.

The Importance of Lighting and Composition

One of the key elements to achieving beautiful and timeless wedding photos is proper lighting and composition. As a wedding photographer in Kendal, I have years of experience and local knowledge in finding the perfect lighting and composition for your special day.
Lighting is crucial when it comes to wedding photography in Kendal. It sets the mood and ambiance of your photos and can drastically affect the outcome of the images. When visiting a new wedding venue, I always make sure to scout the area for the best possible lighting conditions. I also take note of the time of day and adjust my techniques accordingly. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor photography, I make sure that I utilize the natural and available light to capture stunning photos that will stand the test of time.
Composition is also equally important. As a wedding photographer, I always strive to create well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing images. I take into account the location and surroundings, the positioning of the bride and groom, and other factors that can contribute to the overall composition. Attention to detail is key, and I make sure that each element in the photo complements one another.
With the right combination of lighting and composition, your wedding photos will surely stand out. As a professional wedding photographer in Kendal I will ensure that you have stunning and high-quality images that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Working with Your Wedding Photographer: Communication is Key

As a wedding photographer in Kendal, I believe that communication is key when it comes to capturing the perfect shots on your big day. A good wedding photographer should be passionate about their craft and driven by a desire to capture the special moments that will make your wedding day unforgettable. According to Adorama, a good photographer must also be creative, imaginative, and able to find a million different perspectives to showcase the beauty of the day.
My approach as a wedding photographer is warm, friendly, relaxed, and unobtrusive. I will capture the fun and emotion of getting ready, the ceremony, family and group shots, and all the laughter and joy throughout the day. But I also take some time with the couple to capture the love they have for each other in a way that is authentic and meaningful.
Good communication is essential to making sure that you get the photos you want and that the day runs smoothly. I am always available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and ensure that we are on the same page regarding your vision for your wedding day photos.
A good wedding photographer should also be patient and calm. I understand that weddings can be hectic, and things may not always go as planned. I am committed to working with you to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly, so that your photos capture the joy and beauty of your wedding day.
In summary, working with a wedding photographer who is available, passionate, creative, imaginative, a good communicator, patient, and calm can make all the difference when it comes to capturing the perfect shots of your big day. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Kendal who possesses all these qualities, then look no further!

Final Thoughts from a Kendal Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer in Kendal, I feel truly grateful to be able to capture such special moments for couples on their big day. Seeing the love and joy on their faces is what makes my job so rewarding.
To all the couples out there, my final piece of advice would be to remember that communication is key. Make sure you discuss your vision and expectations with your photographer before the wedding day. This will help them better understand what you want and ensure that they capture the shots that matter most to you.
Lastly, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope it has been helpful in providing some insights into wedding photography in Kendal. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your upcoming wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you, and happy wedding planning!

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