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About Me

I Believe

A wedding photographer needs to possess many qualities to capture a couple’s special day perfectly.

A good wedding photographer should be passionate about capturing special moments and driven by a passion for their craft. They should also have creative instincts to capture the ordinary with artistry. According to Adorama, a good photographer must be creative, imaginative, and able to find a million different perspectives..

I just love taking photographs !

As a full time professional photographer, I love creating fresh, beautiful photographs that will stand the test of time.
When photographing a wedding I am warm friendly and relaxed, and I won’t be shouting at anyone to be anywhere, I just follow what is happening.
I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible documenting all the details of your wedding, blending into the background but always ensuring those important shots are taken.
I will capture the fun and emotion of getting ready, your ceremony, family and group shots plus all the laughter and emotion throughout the day.
During the course of the day I will take some time with you both to capture the love you have for each other.

In summary, a good wedding photographer should be available, passionate, creative, imaginative, a good communicator, patient, and calm.

Janet Ridley

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