Drinks at The SSWan

Should You Book a Videographer

As a full time wedding photographer in the Lake District. I have worked alongside some amazing videographers, so should you book a videographer or not. A picture speaks a thousand words. But a film speaks ten thousand. Capturing the sounds and movements of your day is a priceless treasure. The

Ellie & Jason’s Wedding St Thomas’ Church & Grange Hotel

It was a beautiful morning for Ellie & Jason’s Wedding St Thomas’ Church & Grange Hotel. I joined Ellie her mum and all the bridesmaids on a lovely morning in May, the girls were getting ready at the hotel. The hairdresser and MIA were busy at work when I arrived.

Alissia & Matthew’s wedding Grange Hotel

It was a beautiful sunny morning on my short drive to Alissia and Matthew’s wedding at the Grange hotel. The ceremony was going to be held outside in the lovely wedding gazebo. Outdoor weddings are so beautiful, and great fun to photograph as you can usually see everyone and their

Signs for your Lake District Wedding

signs for you Lake district wedding If you are looking for some signs for you Lake District Wedding then take a look at Lakes Letters. I met up with Robert at Alissia & Matthew’s wedding at The Grange Hotel last month. They have a wonderful selections of letters and backgrounds.

Alternative Hen Party

Are you looking for an alternative to a spa day for your hen party. Take a look at The Create Escape, Cookery and Creative workshops is the beautiful county of Cumbria. They have some amazing courses please check their website in the link above. WORKSHOPS While you relax, learn and

A civil wedding ceremony

Best Man Duties

Find out exactly what the best man’s duties include and what is involved in the role of best man so you don’t forget anything Typically, you won’t be involved in much of the wedding planning, but the best man’s duties include planning a stag do for the groom, giving the

Lake District Wedding Photography Coppermines

Poems for Weddings

Came across this beautiful new book Penguin’s Poems for Weddings, selected by Laura Barber, is an inspiring anthology of verses with a pitch-perfect sentiment to suit every couple and mood – from romantic to emotional to sweet and funny. Here are just a couple Poems for Weddings BEST FOR …

Church Wedding in Cumbria

Church Wedding In Cumbria

What could be more prefect than an church wedding in Cumbria, one of the Most beautiful counties in the United Kingdom, dramatic fells and lakes St Mary’s Church Kirkby Lonsdale Also known as Kirkby Lonsdale Parish Church, in the diocese of Carlisle, the Church of St Mary the Virgin is Norman in

Maid of Honour duties

Maid of Honour Duties

The maid of honour is sometimes referred to as “chief bridesmaid” or the “matron of honour” (if she is already married), and she has various duties and ways she must help the bride. Your friend or sister is going to need your support both in the run up to the

This Is Now The Fastest-Growing Type Of Wedding

This Is Now The Fastest-Growing Type Of Wedding

Alanna McCaffrey and Ronan Johnson, who were among the first couples in Northern Ireland to have a humanist wedding ceremony, said at the time: “We’re a non-religious couple and we want a very personalised and meaningful ceremony for our marriage. That’s why we want a humanist one – because you

Hen Party Games

Hen Party Games

No hen party is complete without a few hen party games. Whether you choose to buy in something fun to play or go DIY with your hen entertainment, playing hen party games is a sure way to keep energy levels up and get everyone laughing. Plus, when you bring a

Mother of the Groom

Mother of the groom

What about the mother of the groom? Is there anything she needs to do other than sit back and watch her son get married? Read on to find out. What does the mother of the groom do at a wedding? Once upon a time, the mother of the groom wasn’t

Choosing wedding hymns

Choosing wedding hymns can be more difficult than you might think. Regular worshippers may have their own favourites, but if your Sunday morning visits to church have lapsed, your experience of singing hymns may well be limited to memories of school assemblies. Most religious ceremonies will include at least two

Lake District Church Weddings

Lake District Church Weddings

Egremont – St Michael & St Mary’s Church There are some beautiful places of worship in the Lake District for church weddings, I have worked in some of them as a Lake District wedding Photographer. St Michael & St Mary’s Church, a minor gem of Victorian gothic architecture, was built

Millennial Wedding Trends

Millennial Wedding Trends

Millennial wedding trends are less for tradition and more for technology when it comes to wedding planning, according to a new survey. According to a survey, 25 per cent of brides created or will create a Snapchat geofilter – and 37 per cent plan to use an Instagram wedding hashtag

Choosing a First Dance Song

Not everyone wants to dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”; – and that’s fine! Choosing a first dance song can be tricky this may help. Choosing a first dance song is such a different experience for every couple. For some, it is an easy breezy “that’s our song” and hey presto, they’re

Money Saving Wedding Decorations

Money Saving Wedding Decorations

For money saving wedding decorations think bold colours. Whether it’s flowers or ribbons, a brighter colour will always look like more, so you won’t need to spend a lot on decorating everything! Besides, a bright colour against a muted background will create a very well put-together look, making your guests

Romantic wedding vows from books

Romantic wedding vows from books

More romantic wedding vows from books just a few ideas if you plan to write your own wedding vows. As a Lake District wedding photographer I have heard some wonderful wedding vows Winnie The Pooh, A.A. Milne “As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about

Church Weddings Hit All Time Low

There were just 60,069 religious marriages, so church weddings hit all time low ,falling by 4.1 per cent from the previous year and by almost half (48 per cent) from two decades ago. The ONS claims this is partly due to the long-term decline in the overall number of marriages

Wedding Gift List

Wedding Gift List

1. What do you need? Traditionally, wedding gift list is made up for couple’s first home, so anything from comfy pillows to frying pans, to vacuum cleaners. Now, as lots of couples live together before they tie the knot, you may just be topping up things you have AND choosing

funny wedding readings

Funny Wedding Readings

Funny wedding readings have become more popular over the years and are always enjoyed by all attending a wedding here in The Lake District Cumbria bride wedding speeches Yes, I’ll Marry You – Pam Ayres Yes, I’ll marry you, my dear,And here’s the reason why;So I can push you out

Winter wedding in the Lake District

Winter Wedding In The Lake District

The beautiful patchwork of mountains, lakes, valleys make winter a wonderful time for a wedding in the Lake District. The Lakes are quieter in the winter months and some of the wedding venues have some amazing offers in the winter. The Daffodil Hotel and Spa The Daffodil Hotel & Spa

Questions to ask your wedding registrar

Questions to ask your registrar

The important details of wedding ceremonies can leave lots of brides more than a little baffled. But, armed with a list of questions to ask your registrar, you’ll be fully prepared for all the legalities around your wedding. When are you available? Your first contact with your register office should

Autumn Wedding In The Lake District

Autumn Wedding In The Lake District

Autumn is one of the most spectacular times for a wedding in the Lake District. It’s also one of the most beautiful, as the leaves in our valleys turn from green to gold.  It is fantastic to be a wedding photographer at this time of year. Lingholm Estate If you

DIY Wedding Decorations

DIY Wedding Decorations

Does a DIY wedding actually save you any money form favours to centre pieces these can be expensive. I have photographed some beautiful handmade decorations and favours. Centre Pieces Pinterest is chockfull of centrepiece ideas, some of which are dirt cheap, others of which will require you to trawl the

Wedding order of service

Wedding Order of Service

It can be hard to know what you should include in your wedding order of service. Don’t worry! Here’s everything you need to know, whether you’re planning a traditional church wedding or a civil ceremony. What is an Order of Service? The order of service guides your guests through your wedding ceremony.

Summer wedding in the lake district

Summer Wedding In The Lake District

It is the outstanding natural beauty that has made the Lake District one of the most popular places for a summer wedding. Beautiful blue skies, the sun glinting on the lakes. As a professional wedding photographer I have worked at some stunning wedding venues in the Lake District. Inn On

beautiful wedding poems

Beautiful Wedding Poems

Wedding Poems are always beautiful and can have the guests as well as the happy couple moved to tears. I have heard some wonderful readings and poems at weddings I have photographed. Wedding From time to time our love is like a sailand when the sail begins to alternatefrom tack

Spring Wedding in the lake district

Spring Wedding In The Lake District

Where better to have a spring wedding than in the glorious Lake District ? This season see the Lake District, Cumbria turn all shades of green, red and yellow as the valley and hills come to life. Cumbria comes to life with an array of blossoming trees, dazzling carpets of

Tepee Wedding in The Lake District

Tepee Wedding in The Lake District

Selecting your perfect venue When thinking about a Tepee Wedding in The Lake District remember your tepee can go anywhere. Ideally a level grassed surface with good vehicle access. For example consider farmer’s fields, sports fields, pubs/restaurant grounds, private hotels, community centres, village halls and campsites etc. Don’t worry about

Marquee Wedding in Cumbria

Marquee Wedding In Cumbria

All you need for a marquee wedding in Cumbria is a bit of space! This could be at home, whether that is your own or a parents, but if there isn’t room there are plenty more options.  Field marquee sites have grown in popularity over recent years and the best

Wedding Photography Group Shots Cheat Sheet

Wedding Photography Group Shots Cheat Sheet

Wedding photography an essential part of your big day. So here is a groups shots cheat sheet so the are epic but finished in the shortest amount of time, so you can get back to the bubbly. Here’s a well rehearsed list of traditional group shots – arranged so the

Different Styles of Wedding Photography

Different Styles of Wedding Photography

There are three different styles of wedding photography: reportage photography, traditional photography and contemporary wedding photography. Whether you are looking for some budget photography, or you want to splurge, your wedding photographs will be one of the few solid mementos from your wedding day and you want them to be

Weddings in Kendal

Weddings In Kendal

Situated to the South of the Lake District, six miles from junction 36 of the M6, it is especially well placed to cater for Weddings in Kendal. The town boats some wonderful wedding venues too. Kendal is often seen as the Southern gateway to the Lake District, being only around

wedding photography in cumbria

Wedding Photography in Cumbria

As a full time professional wedding photographer with over 12 years experience, I love creating fresh, beautiful wedding photography in Cumbria that will stand the test of time. Your wedding is one of the single mostimportant days in your life. It’s about you and your families, about two people coming together. I

Weddings in the lake District

Weddings in the Lake District

Weddings in the Lake District are undoubtedly held in one of the most picturesque and romantic places to enjoy your special day. Getting married at one of our National Trust, places means that you’re also supporting the work we do to look after the Lakes. We also run three large

Lake District Weddings

Lake District Weddings

The lake shore at Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa As a Lake District Wedding Photographer I have some of the most amazing locations to shoot weddings. The lake district some amazing venues with lake views and wonderful gardens. The choice is endless from formal hotels, castles to wedding barns

Marquee Wedding in Cumbria

A Receiving Line

Whether it’s you as a couple, your parents hosting your wedding, you have lots people to say hello to and thank! Well traditionally there’s a receiving line – where you line up (with your loved one and parents and anyone else you want) and say hello and thank you to

for Styling Your Dream Wedding

Styling Your Dream Wedding

The Venue What overall feel would you like for your big day? Are you looking for a formal or more casual affair when styling your dream wedding ? Some venues naturally have a grander feel than others and I’m sure you will have chosen your venue with this in mind,

On The Day' Tick List

On The Day’ Tick List

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. For all your lovely brides to be out there we have come up with a ‘On The Day’ tick list. Follow these top 5 steps and remember to keep calm if you can. As Cumbria and Lake District wedding

Writing Personalised Wedding Vows

Writing Personalised Wedding Vows

Now for the mushy stuff – writing personalised wedding vows. The internet is full of advice on how to write them – what you should say, the structure you should adopt and the general feeling that they should evoke. With so much endless advice and guidance, it can be difficult

A Civil Wedding Ceremony

A Civil Wedding Ceremony

What is a civil ceremony? A civil wedding ceremony is a marriage without any religious context. In England and Wales, it can take place at a register office or a venue that has been approved for civil marriage. As A Cumbria and Lake District wedding photographer I have witnessed many

the Perfect Bridal Hair Accessory

The Perfect Bridal Hair Accessory

From clips, combs and hair-pins to flower crowns and wreaths, there are many ideas to consider. You want to ensure that the perfect bridal hair accessory is found to match your dress. As a Cumbria and Lake District wedding photographer i have seen some amazing hair accessories. The overall theme

Amie and Callum's Wedding Natland Church & Carus Green

Amie and Callum’s Wedding Carus Green Kendal

I arrived at Amie’s mum’s house at around 10.30 to capture bridal preps. It was a lovely warm day for Amie and Callum’s Wedding Carus Green Kendal. My second shooter had gone to photograph the groom and groomsmen at Carus Green. As A Cumbria and Lake District wedding photographer I

Ellie and Jason's Pre Wedding Shoot Dallam Park

Ellie and Jason’s Pre Wedding Shoot Dallam Park

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when I met up with Ellie and Jason’s for their Pre Wedding Shoot Dallam Park. The couple had brought their lovely labrador Marley too. I am looking forward to sharing their wedding day in 4 weeks time. As a Cumbria wedding photographer I love

Tina and Paul's Wedding at The Inn On The Lake

Tina & Paul’s Wedding at The Inn On The Lake Cumbria

It was a very blustery and chilly day for Tina & Paul’s Wedding at The Inn On The Lake Cumbria. The couple wanted to get married outside in the wedding gazebo and the registrars said it was okay as there was no sign of rain. As a Cumbria and lake

beautiful wedding poems

Beautiful Readings and Poems

One of the most romantic ways to bring a personal touch is through beautiful readings and poems, that can represent your relationship perfectly. The Beauty of Love The question is asked: “Is there anything more beautiful in life than a young couple clasping hands and pure hearts in the path

Boss Events and Weddings

Boss Events and Weddings

If planning your own wedding, party or any event outfaces you then this is the place to go Boss Events and Weddings take a look at their website. We aim to provide a stress-free experience for brides, grooms and party organisers. We offer services from planning and providing the time-consuming final

Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your favourite girls can be very stressful.  With different skin tones and body shapes to cater for it might feel like an impossible task. Colour Scheme It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to finalising your colour scheme and if – like many

Summer wedding in the lake district

Essential Appointments Before Your Big Day

Listed below are some Essential Appointments Before Your Big Day that you need to book. So you can look radiant on your wedding day. Tanning There’s a fine line between looking pasty against your white dress and sporting the fake-baked look on your wedding day. Always try out a tanning

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