Your Wedding Photographer

Make sure you get the most out of your wedding photographer and you get the photos you want

your wedding photographer

The all-important photographs last forever and serve to document the day, play by play. Upon booking a your professional wedding photographer. You should probably discuss with them what exactly it is you want from their services. Of course the bridal party and family photos are a must have for every wedding album. But there are other kinds of pictures you can request.

For example, it is perfectly fine to ask the photographer to disappear into the background on the big day and to take natural and unstaged pictures. That way, all aspects of the wedding will be revealed, from funny slips and touching moments, to real intense instances of exuberance.

Getting Ready

Pictures of the nervous groom getting ready and having his best man give the all-important pep talk is a must. While snaps of the bride as she adds the finishing touches to her wedding dress and veil. Her proud mother and bridesmaids helping out. These shots serve to remind of the excitement felt during the build-up to tying the knot.

your wedding photographer

The Car

Getting shots of the bride in the wedding car with her dad — and maybe a glass or two of champagne. Is an excellent photo opportunity, particularly if the car is a feature in itself. Similarly, brides who opt to arrive at the church in a lavish horse-drawn carriage will obviously need to be photographed looking like a princess, so having a professional on hand in this instance would be very convenient.

your wedding photographer

The Venue

A photograph of the bride at the end of the aisle before she commences her march towards the groom is a must. Both a close-up and a full-length shot to ensure the entirety of her dress fits into the frame. Then of course, the must have shot of the father of the bride giving his daughter away. Is a symbolic moment that most women will want to remember forever

The Vows

Saying the vows and exchanging the rings, followed by the all-important kiss are other significant moments that the photographer should capture on film. As are the couple walking down the aisle together and getting into their getaway car.

The Wedding Reception

It is then at the reception that people have a drink and relax a little and some of the best photos can be taken. Such as the bride and groom addressing their friends and family as husband and wife for the first time. Giving speeches and taking to the floor for their dance together.

More Photo’s

Other moments worth documenting include the important cutting of the cake, as well as the tossing of the bouquet — which always presents a hilarious photo opportunity of female guests scrambling around the floor together! And the final photo should be of the happy couple saying their farewells to their guests, before setting off to their honeymoon suite and commencing their new life together.


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