What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

You want your photographer to be your closest friend on your big day. So a few thoughts on what you need to tell your wedding photographer. They will be with you for every second of the day, right from the beginning. They will see you more than your partner. They are the one who will be there to make those memories of you as newlyweds. And of your guests, happily celebrating your marriage. Make sure you and your photographer are on the same page ,see the handy tips below

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1) Ask them what they will wear > you do not want a photographer in sneakers and shorts at your stylish affair. Your photographer should not stand out among your guests.

2) Provide them with an order of service, they need to know what is going to happen and when. If you want to have photographs of all your special moments you need to tell the photographer where they need to be when they are taking place.

3)  If you want a big group shot including all the guests let the photographer know in advance. These take a long time to set up

4) Talking of group shots, Your photographer needs to know if there are any awkward family circumstances so that he can be as tactful as possible and position the subjects accordingly .

5) If any of your guests have mobility restrictions tell your photographer so that seating can be organised if needed .

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6) If there is a location where you would like to be photographed tell your photographer, this could be underneath a amazing tree, on a special bridge or walking down a spectacular staircase. He or She can then leave enough time for these shots.

7) If you and your loved one have planned a surprise first dance with an amazing finish let your photographer in on the surprise! If they know when the moments are arriving , they can get the coolest photos!

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8) Lastly, tell your photographer if there are any parts of your wedding you don’t want photographed.

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What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

by Janet Ridley Photography


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