Weddings at Lancaster Cathedral

Some photography from my Weddings at Lancaster Cathedral, a beautiful venue which is always a pleasure to visit. If you are thinking of getting married here and you like my work please get in touch and we can arrange to meet Thanks for looking …..Janet

150 Years of St Peter’s, Lancaster Cathedral 1859-2009

Weddings at Lancaster Cathedral – St Peter’s church, consecrated on October 4th 1859, dedicated to God as a new Catholic parish church for Lancaster. Church of the new Diocese of Lancaster, and now has served parish, city and diocese for 150 years. There have been many weddings at Lancaster Cathedral.

Wedding at Lancaster Cathedral

Planning A Catholic Wedding

Setting the date of your wedding

Many parishes allow you to choose your wedding date after the premarital interview with a deacon or priest (assuming there is no problem that would prevent or delay your marriage). Most dioceses require that a wedding should occur a minimum of six to eight months after this first interview.This is in order to allow sufficient time for the marriage preparation. In some cases, the wedding date is provisional until required marriage preparations have been completed. There are a few important factors to consider while you are choosing the date of your ceremony at Lancaster Cathedral. Dates to avoid. Days when you may not be allowed to choose your own reading.

Wedding at Lancaster Cathedral

You need not be a regular churchgoer in order to get married in church. Couples may choose a church wedding for various reasons. Possibly because they like getting to know the clergy, or maybe because they appreciate the personal touch, or they love to feel close to all of their family both past and present, they like to get value for money, or perhaps it feels like the correct place to marry or they feel that God is with them. The Church of England offers a lot of advice in order to help your preparations for Weddings at Lancaster Cathedral.

Wedding at Lancaster Cathedral

 Who will preside at the wedding?

The final decision on what form of The Order of Celebrating Matrimony to be used is ultimately down to the priest or deacon presiding at your wedding.You can discuss any preference for any particular form as a part of your preparations with the presider.  
This is also the time to think about who will be witnesses to your marriage in the name of the Church. Most couples will have a priest to preside at their marriage celebration, this is usually the pastor of their parish. However, there are other possibilities.

Wedding at Lancaster Cathedral


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