Wedding Veil Lengths

Wedding veils lengths

Everything to Know About Wedding Veil Lengths

Between cathedral veils and bridal caps, there are so many different wedding veil lengths, styles and details to choose from when it comes to the most iconic bridal accessory

Start With Wedding Veil Lengths

Wedding veils lengths

To find the ideal veil to match your wedding style, first consider length. Test out a variety of options when you go for your first dress fitting to see what veil length works best with your gown. Designers will often make veils tailored specifically for their dresses, so you can use these as a starting point. Shorter veils, like bandeaus, birdcages and blushers, tend to lend a bit more personality to your look. Longer ones (ballet, chapel and cathedral veil styles) lean more in the way of tradition and formality. If you can’t find one you love, you can always go the custom route. Many companies will create a veil to your specifications, from the length to colour, and the kind of embellishments.

Choose a Complementary Color

Aim to match the colour of the veil to your wedding gown as closely as you can. And since photos may not accurately portray the correct colour, bring a swatch of fabric from your dress when you go veil shopping. The one exception to this rule is antique veils—you shouldn’t try dying a vintage veil (it’s not worth the risk of ruining such a delicate piece). As long as the colours are close enough don’t worry if they’re not a 100 percent match

Strike the Right Balance With Embellishments

If your wedding dress is heavily embellished, keep your veil on the clean and simple side, with minimal (if any) extras. And vice versa. Play around with unexpected shapes, accents and textures, like a floral-embellished cathedral veil, a lace cap or a couture-inspired bubble veil with over-the-top volume. Try to create a balance as well when it comes to the type of embellishments—while they don’t have to match the ones on your dress exactly, they should complement them in colour, size and style. A glam sequined veil, for instance, might feel out of place next to a romantic gown embroidered with tiny pearls.

Wedding veils lenghts

Highlight the Back of Your Dress

Does the back of your wedding gown have a open back  lace panel, intricate cutout or other dramatic detail ? Don’t hide it under too many layers of tulle or a wall of heavy satin fabric. Opt for a super-sheer veil with just one or two layers to let those gorgeous details shine through.

Make It Your “Something Borrowed”

Want to wear your mother’s veil but afraid it’s dated? Give it a face-lift. Take it to a trusted tailor and see if they can rework the veil length, trim or embellishments. If the veil has seen better days but you love its vintage style, look into having it restored to its former glory. Or use pieces of it to create something new

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