Wedding at The Priory Cartmel

Wedding The Priory Cartmel

Your perfect day deserves the perfect location. So where better to have your wedding than The Priory at Cartmel. You can see it from almost every angle of the village. From the outside it certainly is big, but it doesn’t quite prepare you for what is inside. It’s on a huge scale and is certainly one of the most impressive buildings I have photographed a wedding William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke founded The Priory in 1189 . The Saving of the Priory at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the early 1530s was fortunate. This was Due to William Marshall the granting an altar in one of the Priory’s chapels . The villagers protested that the Priory was in fact their parish church, and so it remains.

Congratulations! We’re delighted to hear you’re about to get married . and is there a better place to celebrate your love than in the incredible surroundings of the Priory.

Cartmel Priory is a very special wedding venue . Located among acres of picturesque English countryside in the heart of Cumbria . This unforgettable location combines a fascinating history with stunning panoramic views . Add in the impressive grounds and you have a wedding experience like no other .

Cartmel Priory has a special story to tell. Rich in history and culture, the church has undergone periods of expansion, ruin and transformation during its long journey. The Priory is found at the very centre of Cartmel village, set in picturesque English countryside, and provides a warm welcome to everyone who visits. Over the centuries the Priory has witnessed war, peace, raids and ruin, despite this it still remains a building of greatness and enduring beauty.

Wedding The Priory Cartmel

You’re welcome to marry or to receive a blessing in the Priory whatever your beliefs. even if you do not a attend regularly.

It may also be possible to marry here even if you don’t live in the immediate area, just get in touch with us for a chat.

A team of dedicated clergy. administration staff and volunteers run Cartmel Priory . A vast amount of work is required maintaining and running a medieval priory. all the work behind the scenes is what ensures your experience is the very best when you visit. .

Vicar Nick Devenish runs The Priory . assisted by a team of elected representatives . and don’t forget to come and say hello on your next visit to the church

The Priory Cartmel Wedding – Janet Ridley Photography


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