Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you’ve been waiting to plan your wedding since you were a child or you have no idea where to begin, these wedding planning mistakes to avoid will be your saving grace.

Proper wedding etiquette begins the moment you start planning your wedding. From the guest list to the cheese-board, to the actual details of wedding planning However, one of the best ways to plan a wedding as smoothly as possible is to know exactly what to avoid when planning your wedding.

Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t leave everything to the last minute. Winter is the ideal time to get organised.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your wedding. You are going to be surrounded by your best friends for the party of your life with the love of life.

 Don’t wait to buy your alcohol. Buy it now at the Christmas supermarket sales and save around £2000! 

Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t do anything until you have found your venue. This will set the date, style, location and capacity of your wedding. 

 Don’t lick 100 envelopes. Do yourself a favour and buy a gluestick!

 Don’t wish the planning stage away too much. Whether it is getting a hotel bartender to design you personalised cocktails for the big day, or spending time making your wedding playlist, enjoy those moments and savour the thoughts behind them – your actual wedding day will go by in a flash on the day!

Don’t have the bar too far from the dance floor… when Spice Girls comes on, all the men will leg it to the nearest pint. And when Mr Brightside comes on, they’ll all sheepishly make their return

Don’t decide to have your stag do too close to the big day.  We all know broken bones take time to mend and eyebrows need time to regrow.

Don’t rush up and down the aisle. Take it slowly.  All your guests want to see the happy couple. Especially Grandma!  Hope these Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid help original article via Bridebook

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