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wedding photography tips

I don’t need to tell you that wedding photographs are very important: so here are some wedding photography tips. Wedding photographs are one of the most special mementos you’ll ever have. Your children will look through them and their children after them, let alone the many times you’ll both browse through reminiscing about the best day of your life. Can you get a good photographer, your photos will be able to transport you straight back to the big day.
There is no substitute for having a photographer capture the entirety of your special day. Once the cake is eaten your photographs and happy memories are all that is left from your special day.

wedding photography tips

Most wedding photographers tend to advertise a flat rate, which will normally be a few hours at a set fee. You can save money by asking them for their hourly rate and hiring them for a few hours instead. Bonus point: the time constraint will make you organised and efficient when posing for the wedding photographs! One of the very important wedding photography tips

Find out if your desired photographer will offer a discount based on a referral or a midweek wedding. Word of mouth dominates the wedding industry, so this is often the case with a lot of professional photographers. Remember to always mention who it was that referred you in the first place!

wedding photography tips

Check you have full rights of your wedding photographs. That way, they will be yours exclusively, which means you can print as many copies as you want and at a time when you have some extra cash.

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Again, photographers tend to advertise set bundles, which will normally involve an album and a certain amount of printed images. You can always settle for the basic fee and make your own wedding album! you can add extras if you have cash left or print some, or most of the wedding photographs yourself. Just make sure you have top quality paper available so the photos will last forever. And use a good printer as some photographs printed at home only last 12 months.

 Book as soon as you possibly can. Photographers often get booked up very quickly for popular dates in the summer months especially in the Lake District and Cumbria. I hope these wedding photography tips have helped.

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