Wedding Online – Planning – Where does ‘something old, something new…’ actually come from?

The origins of one of the most famous wedding traditions, revealed!

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…”The Something Old rhyme is arguably one of the most timelessly classic wedding traditions. But what exactly does it mean?

The rhyme originated in England, where it also had the additional closing line ‘and a sixpence in your shoe’. In a nutshell, each of the items mentioned are supposed to add a little extra love to the bride’s wedding day style; traditionally, they’re gifted to the bride, rather than sourced by the bride herself.  However, for modern brides it’s all too simple to add (most of) these elements into her wedding herself.

‘Something new’ could be the wedding gown, or an accessory; ‘something borrowed’ could be an item belonging to a relative or a friend, or, on a more profound level, the time of your bridal party during your wedding planning. ‘Something old’ could be a family heirloom; whilst ‘something blue’, arguably the easiest of the lot, could be something as simple as your nail polish shade or the colour of your underwear.

Each has a significant meaning. ‘Something old’ represents continuity; ‘something new’ hints at a promising future; ‘something borrowed’ suggests future happiness; and ‘something blue’ stands for love and fidelity.The additional ‘silver sixpence’ line is typically only observed in Britain, and is representative of future prosperity.

Source: Wedding Online – Planning – Where does ‘something old, something new…’ actually come from?

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