Wedding Gift List

Wedding Gift List

1. What do you need?

Traditionally, wedding gift list is made up for couple’s first home, so anything from comfy pillows to frying pans, to vacuum cleaners. Now, as lots of couples live together before they tie the knot, you may just be topping up things you have AND choosing things you love but definitely don’t need – why not?! As well as considering your needs, you should think about your style as a couple; if you are not into fancy dinner parties, but love camping, then choose an epic tent, not the punch bowl you will never use! Remember, as your guests browse your gift list, their reaction should be “wow, this is so them!”

Wedding Gift List

2. What are your options?

Gift list

The beauty of a wedding gift list is that it can be set up in a number of stores and you can choose plenty of different pressies – yay! Stores like John Lewis and online gift lists like The Wedding Shop are absolutely perfect, as they stock a variety of brands and lots of goodies, like household items, clothes and anything else you can think of! Tip: always choose twice as many gifts as wedding invitations that you send! This will give your guests plenty of choice and make sure you do this for price options too. In our experience cheaper gifts will range from £20-40, £40-100 is fairly standard, £100-200 is more on the expensive side and £200+ are the luxury item

Wedding Gift List

Charity Donation

If you are a philanthropist couple, charity donations are another great alternative, especially if you have a cause that is close to your heart. Whether your guests donate to a specific project, or to the charity as a whole, you can let them know what their donations have achieved in your thank you notes which will make them feel pretty good about themselves – good deed for the day and wedding present sorted!


This option can be a bit tricky for a lot of couples, especially as they don’t necessarily know how to ask for cash. But don’t worry, cash gifts are perfectly acceptable and even traditional in a lot of cultures. Just make sure to spread the word to your family and bridal party, who will in turn notify the guests.

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