Tepee Wedding in The Lake District
Tepee Wedding in The Lake District

Selecting your perfect venue

When thinking about a Tepee Wedding in The Lake District remember your tepee can go anywhere. Ideally a level grassed surface with good vehicle access. For example consider farmer’s fields, sports fields, pubs/restaurant grounds, private hotels, community centres, village halls and campsites etc.

Tepee Wedding in The Lake District

Don’t worry about securing a venue first, getting the tepee booked is something we advise doing asap to make sure they’re yours on your chosen date. There are some really beautiful venues across the Lake District, so are more than happy to help you select your dream tepee i venue. It’s all about finding somewhere that reflects you as a couple, and somewhere that gives you the butterflies when you visit! Once you’ve discovered the perfect spot, we’ll need to start thinking about the practicalities. From generators and loos, to catering provisions and exterior lighting options, we’ll provide them all so it’s completely hassle-free for you!

Tepee Wedding in The Lake District

Layouts – changing it up from day to night
This is when when you can focus on creating your bespoke layouts! As plans evolve, and ensure that everyone is comfortably accommodated during both the daytime and evening celebrations. It may be that as you add more furnishings, you find that a little more room is needed.

Tepee Wedding in The Lake District

From switching-up daytime and evening layouts, to customising your lighting designs, you can do as much as you want to make your day bespoke.

Making your wedding unique
Try to think outside the box! How do you want guests to feel as they enter your tepee’s – what kind of impression do you want to make? The way you style your tepee has a massive impact and can really help to add your personality into the spaces. Make your own decorations and props as it makes the tepee as unique as possible – think signature tipples, thoughtful favours and stand-out seating plans.

hope this helps if you are thinking about a Tepee Wedding in The Lake District

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