Preserve Your Top Wedding Cake Tier

Wedding Cake

Don’t let those wedding cake memories end with the last bite. Here is how to preserve your wedding cake. Savour the flavor of your wedding with this guide to cake preservation

How To Wrap Up Your Cake Tier

Instruct catering staff to take off the top tier of the wedding cake and box it for transport. Appoint a “cake captain” (one of your family members or friends) to take it home. Once it’s home, that person should do the following:

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

1. Remove the sugar flowers and set them aside.

2. Chill the cake well before wrapping it up so that the icing hardens. This way it won’t stick to the plastic wrap and make a mess.

3. Wrap the (unadorned) cake in several layers of plastic wrap — not aluminum foil, which can cause freezer burn.

4. Seal the wrapped cake in an air-tight bag and place it in the freezer.

5. Snag a ribbon (from your bouquet, the centre pieces, your hair, a gift) and tie it around the cake package to mark it so that you don’t mistake it for anything else.

Know Your Cake’s Shelf Life

Your Wedding Cake

Some cakes freeze better than others. The more delicate the cake ingredients, the drier your cake will become in the freezer. Cakes with a longer shelf life: Chocolate, hazelnut, almond, and carrot cake. Cakes that may not last as long in the freezer: white cake, cake with fresh fruit, and cakes with whipped cream fillings.

Consider Ordering A Copycat Cake

If you have a cake that won’t hold up in the freezer, do as many couples do and order a fresh cake tier in the same flavor as your original wedding cake for your one-year anniversary. Like anything else, after a year in the freezer, any cake will be a bit stale. If you do decide to save your cake for the full year, focus on the nostalgia, not the flavor.

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