Mother of the groom

Mother of the Groom

What about the mother of the groom?

Is there anything she needs to do other than sit back and watch her son get married? Read on to find out.

What does the mother of the groom do at a wedding?

Once upon a time, the mother of the groom wasn’t involved in the wedding, as it was traditionally the parents of the bride who paid for and organised the event. Nowadays though, parents on both sides tend to be more involved, both financially and practically.

Here is a list of typical duties for the mother of the groom will do, though these may vary depending on the level of involvement.

Mother of the Groom

Funding the wedding. Together with the father of the groom, the MOG will liaise with her son and future daughter-in-law to find out who will pay for what, and how much they can afford to donate. It’s best to be clear about these things from the onset, to avoid any nasty surprises. There are no hard and fast rules as to who pays what. Both sets of parents may wish to split the cost 50-50, however it’s more common to pay for specific things. For example, the parents of the bride might pay for the dress and venue, but the parents of the groom might wish to pay for drinks and food.

Planning. This depends how much help the bride and groom need and how involved the MOG would like to be. In any case, it’s always polite to offer. She could for example help scout out locations, or look for a suitable florist. Those more DIY-minded can make favours or bake desserts.

 Outfit coordination. Unless the bride specifically wishes the MOG to wear something similar to the MOB, it’s best to check with her first what is acceptable to wear. The last thing you want to do is clash with anyone else from the bridal party, and it might be nice to match the colour scheme. Naturally, wearing white is a big no no.

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