Lake District Church Weddings

Egremont – St Michael & St Mary’s Church

There are some beautiful places of worship in the Lake District for church weddings, I have worked in some of them as a Lake District wedding Photographer.

St Michael & St Mary’s Church, is a minor gem of Victorian gothic architecture. Built in the Early English style in 1881, to a design by T.L Banks of Whitehaven. Replacing an earlier church on the same site. Like many other buildings in the town, built from locally quarried sandstone.

It has slender pillars supporting the roof and nave arches. The capitals at the top are carved in floral designs, of which there are almost 100, all different.

Lake District Church Weddings

The tower raised by 42 feet in 1901 contains a set of eight bells presented by Lord Leconfield.

A recess in the west wall houses the baptistry, donated by the Freemasons of Egremont, and contains seven stained-glass windows. The baptistry also contains some fine carvings

Levens – St John’ Church

Lake District Church Weddings

Levens was originally part of the Parish of Heversham. Our church, St John the Evangelist, was built between 1824 and 1827 and held its first service in 1828. Mrs. Howard of Levens Hall met the construction cost, and she also funded the building of a parsonage, demolished in 1964.

Lake District Church Weddings

The original Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, founded in 1795. The old building, on what is now Old Chapel Lane, is now converted to flats. A new Wesleyan Chapel opened on 14 July 1892. See extracts from the diaries of Joseph A. Barnes. A (Methodist Minister) relating to the fundraising, building and opening of the chapel.

There are lots more beautiful places of worship for a Lake District Church weddings and I will cover more in future blogs

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