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Having a wedding photographer is essential and so much fun to choose.

When else do you get to splash out on amazing snaps! To help you find what you’re looking for, let’s take this back to basics.

There are three types of wedding photography:

reportage photography, traditional photography and contemporary wedding photography.

Whether you are looking for some budget photography, or you want to splurge, your wedding photographs will be one of the few solid mementos from W-Day and you want them to be epic! So let’s work out which type will suit you and your wedding theme.

Contemporary Photography

Contemporary,fashion, editorial or creative photography takes its inspiration from fashion photography. Contemporary wedding photography does have some posed shots, but they are slightly more relaxed, as the photographer will be looking for exciting lighting and angles.  While stunning, these shots may be less about the mood of the day or the couple as characters, but instead the vision and artistic stance of the photographer – which might or might not be what you are after!Thumbs up: stunning and artistic shots.Thumbs down: could lose some personality and mood.

Traditional Photography

Traditional wedding photography, also known as posed, conventional or classic photography used to be the most popular category of wedding photography until the digital era, at which point, both photographers and newlywed couples stopped worrying about the costs of film.  Traditional style focuses on taking posed shots of the couple and the group at large and involves a lot of direction from the photographer and time from the wedding party. It may not necessarily capture the emotions of the day as whole, but will give you some beautiful traditional shots to keep forever.Thumbs up: classic and timeless shots.Thumbs down: takes up time and may miss some of the emotion.

Reportage Photography

Reportage Photography, also known as documentary or journalistic photography is not a new approach altogether, but in the world of wedding photography it has come into vogue in the last couple of years. The aim of this type of photographer is to document your special day in an unobtrusive fashion, telling a narrative. Whilst this will provide stunning shots and genuine emotion, brought to life by the photographer’s artistic vision, this type of wedding photographer is usually more than happy to conduct some formal shots too. However, it is worth checking with your chosen photographer what their attitude towards traditional shots is.Thumbs up: captures emotion and story of the dayThumbs down: might not include traditional shots (so check if you want them!)

Whichever type you choose will give you beautiful photographs to keep forever, so have a look at some inspiration and get booking!Happy Planning!

Source: Introduction: Different Styles of Wedding Photography | Wedding Advice | Bridebook

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