Hen Party Games

No hen party is complete without a few hen party games. Whether you choose to buy in something fun to play or go DIY with your hen entertainment, playing hen party games is a sure way to keep energy levels up and get everyone laughing. Plus, when you bring a group of girls together who don’t necessarily know each other, they’ll thank you for finding ways to break the ice.

Hen Party Games

The only thing is, when it comes to hen party games, they can be a bit… how can we put this… cringe. That’s why we’ve made sure all the games in this edit are as classy as they come. Ok, some of them may edge towards silliness, but we’ve steered clear of the cringe factor. If you’re organising your own hen party, these will inspire you. If your maid of honour or bridesmaids are in charge of the hen do, send them this article for inspiration!

Been there, done that

Get everyone to write a funny anecdote they’ve experienced relating to dating or being in a relationship, then the bride-to-be reads each one aloud and guesses who it relates to.

Banned words

Get the bride or chief hen to write a list of words that no one is allowed to say, and if anyone forgets, they have to face the consequence like a shot or a dare. The fiancé or fiancée’s name is a particularly fun word to ban.

Pin the bouquet on the bride

Like the childhood ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game, what you need for this is a big picture of the bride, a picture of a bouquet (ideally mounted on cardboard) a pin and a blindfold. There’s a naughty version too but we’ll let you use your imagination on that one (hint: the words ‘junk’ and ‘hunk’ are involved…).

Loo roll fashion show

Hen Party Games

Divide the group into teams and make someone from each be the ‘model’ – the rest of team’s task is to create a wedding dress out of loo roll. Just make sure you keep each outfit a secret until the big reveal, when the models will take part in a catwalk to show off their team’s creation

Party in your pants

Ask each hen to buy a pair of knickers that most sums up the bride or their relationship with her. Some guests may see this as a pre-hen faff, but trust us, there’s something strangely enjoyable about pondering which pants are the most fitting symbol of your friendship. As with other games, the bride then has to guess who chose which. Bonus: she gets a stack of new knickers!

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