Don’t Overlook These Wedding Details

wedding details

Wedding details you may forget from a day-of rescue kit to goodies for the flower girl, here’s a helpful reminder of wedding details you don’t want to miss

 An Emergency Kit

Stuck zippers, a drop of red wine and fly away that can’t be tamed—these things happen. But trivial as they usually are, these mini bummers can lead to panic on the day of your wedding if you’re not prepared. Make an emergency kit that your maid of honour or mum can keep handy throughout the day just in case and you’ll feel more at ease. Keep a needle and thread (to match the colour of your dress), stain remover, perfume and any other items you might need on a moment’s notice throughout the event.

wedding details

 Personal Touches That Fit Your Style

Sure, you could absolutely go with classic white napkins that your venue or caterer has on hand, but choosing custom ones is way more fun. An easy way to add a personal touch to your cocktail hour is with customised napkins, cocktail glasses or centerpieces (like block letter signs with a sweet message, or both of your initials). And why not personalise your drinks?

Bride and Bridal Party Getting-Ready Outfits

While an oversize T-shirt and sweatpants is the perfect getting-ready outfit on any other day, this is no ordinary day. Plus, if you’re planning on taking photos with your bridal party while you prep, you’ll want to look a bit more put together. Getting-ready pics are some of our favourite, full of happy jitters and candid, sentimental moments. The key here is to choose a look that’s cute and comfortable and won’t mess up your hair or makeup when you take it off. Something that can be unbuttoned or stepped in and out of instead of being pulled over your head, like a robe, is a fabulous option

wedding details

A Powder Room Rescue Basket

a touch of extra hospitality goes a long way to make your guests feel welcome. Stock a basket full of necessities like mints, extra bobby pins, stain remover and bug spray (if your wedding is outdoors) and everyone will thank you.

 Flower Girl Accessories

Now that you’ve got her dress all figured out, don’t forget cute accessories to finish off her look. A sweet flower crown, bracelet or fabulous little shoes can double as a thank-you gift to her for playing such a special role in the ceremony.

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