Do I Need A Wedding Photographer

It is easy to think that a professional wedding photographer unnecessary expense in the age of the camera phone. However when the only pictures of your wedding you have are of unflattering or even embarassing, You will be glad you did not skimp.

Do I Need A Wedding Photographer

Organising the friends and family

During the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, the last thing you want to do is organise all your group shoots.

Wedding photography At Gretna Green

This is definitely one area an experienced professional wedding photographer really earns their pay. Along with taking gorgeous images of your day, another important part of their job is to organise the group shots Not a job for the fainthearted !. If you want group shots to go smoothly make sure you give a list of the shots you need to your photographer before the big day

All you’ve got to do is stand there with your hubby and look pretty!

Quality photographs

Do I Need A Wedding Photographer

While point and click cameras are good enough for your holidays or some night out on the town pictures, they can not be relied on for your entire wedding day. Most churches and many hotels are poorly lit and require a professional camera to avoid blurred and grainy images

professional wedding photographer knows their camera and should have the skills and experience to deal with all eventualities and record your memories in the best quality photographs possible

Looking back fondly

JDo I Need A Wedding Photographer

Home from the honeymoon ! and you’re settling into married life. An album full of the special moments of your big day to remember fondly on is something to look forward too.

Your professional wedding photographer will capture the excitement and emotion of the special day and present it to you in a stylish way.

The Bottom Line

Do I Need A Wedding Photographer

While we all need to compromise. you should try to make certain hiring a professional photographer is something you don’t skimp on.

Most brides who didn’t have a professional wedding photographer often regret not hiring one.

Do I Need A Wedding Photographer – Photography by Janet Ridley Photography


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