DIY Wedding Decorations

Does a DIY wedding actually save you any money form favours to centre pieces these can be expensive. I have photographed some beautiful handmade decorations and favours.

DIY Wedding Decorations

Centre Pieces

Pinterest is chockfull of centrepiece ideas, some of which are dirt cheap, others of which will require you to trawl the depths of Amazon for the craft supplies necessary. The cost of your centrepieces and ease of DIY-ing them all depends on what you want.
For example, mason-style jars (£2 for 12 from Wilko) wrapped in lace ribbon (£4.30 from Hobby craft ) and filled with a small posy of flowers from a flower market, florist or even supermarket (£2 for a Sweet Williams bouquet at Sainsburys) would cost £2.53 per centrepiece.

DIY Wedding Decorations

A stack of old books and vintage tea cups requires a cheap trip to a second-hand book or charity shop, while a display of candles in lanterns can be picked up easily from Ikea. Seasonal things like pine cones and pumpkins for an autumn wedding or a vase of baubles and silver sprayed foliage for a winter wedding can be gathered cheaply or free the choices are vast.

Wedding Invitations

Let’s break it down for DIY: you’ll need blank cards and envelopes (£17.95 for 50 from Amazon), decorations like paper vellum, ribbon, glitter (£50+), plus glue, pocketfolds and a paper guillotine (another £50). Plus you’ll need to print inserts with your wedding info on – unless you really want to write it all by hand in 80 cards! Factor in how much time and effort making 80 handmade will sap from your precious wedding planning time and making you own loses its sheen a little.

DIY Wedding Decorations

However, if you’re a huge crafter, then making you own invites could be the perfect project for you. Some brides find it really therapeutic to make them and (if you’re willing to delegate) you could involve your bridesmaids in the crafting as a fun activity. !t could also be more cost-effective if you have only a very small number of invites to make.

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