Couples now getting wedding tattoos instead of traditional rings | The Independent

The new trend offers a more permanent alternative to a ring

Marriage vows are permanent but some newlyweds are taking their commitment a step further with wedding ring tattoos.The new trend, which already has 5,000 posts on Instagram, replaces the typical wedding ring in favour of a matching tattoo to display your unwavering dedication to each other.It also allows non-traditional couples to express themselves through more than just the choice of platinum, gold, or silver.

All the original Avengers (except one) got matching tattoos And the ring finger is not the only digit to get the wedding tattoo treatment – couples on social media are showing off their #weddingtattoos on thumbs, even wrists.For the most part, the tattoos are dainty, with the majority of couples opting for a few lines of ink or a symbol of their love, such as the eternity symbol.Others have chosen roman numerals of their wedding date inked onto their fingers – which also serves as a handy reminder of your anniversary.Another popular design is the name of a significant other tattooed where a ring would sit.And while most of the couples have identical tattoos, some have used the trend to express their individuality through a related theme, such as a crown and a tiara.

On Instagram, one couple showed off their wedding tattoos of a flower and a bumblebee – which compares their relationship to that of the harmonious symbiotic relationship found in the wild.Opting for a wedding tattoo doesn’t mean you can’t have a ring too – some couples use both as a symbol of their love.Although the trend isn’t for everyone, it is a creative way of personalising your love and commitment when jewellery just isn’t enough.

Source: Couples now getting wedding tattoos instead of traditional rings | The Independent

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