choosing your wedding rings
choosing your wedding rings

After the most perfect proposal and receiving the engagement ring of your dreams, choosing your wedding rings to match will take some time. Consider these tips before you start to shop

What’s Your Style?

Are you a platinum woman, or will a warm gold suit your skin tone? Have a think about what metals before choosing your wedding rings. And if you’re not at all sure what type of ring you want, start dreaming! Take inspiration from Pinterest and other sharing sites that might give you a few ideas of what ring would suit you.

choosing your wedding rings

To Match Or Not To Match?

Do you want your wedding band to match your engagement ring, or just complement it? Would you like you and your husband to- be’s bands to match metals, or take on your own unique styles? Now is the time to answer all of these questions, but don’t be afraid to take a different stride.

choosing your wedding rings


Just like any other part of your wedding planning, you will need a budget. You might want to research a little into how much your dream ring might cost, before creating an unrealistic budget and being disappointed. Set aside enough of your wedding funds to go towards a ring that you love as you will be wearing it for a long time to come. Take into consideration how much it will be to insure your ring too.

Make Sure Of A Good Fit

Throughout all the seasons of the year and among having children and many different exercise regimes, your ring will experience it all. But you will need to make sure it’s sized right when choosing your wedding rings. It must be comfortable during all of these situations. Your fingers will expand and slim down depending on the weather and also your weight, so go and try on your ring on different days or in different heats so you can work out what size will be most comfortable for you the majority of the time.

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