Choosing a First Dance Song

Choose  a First Dance Song

Not everyone wants to dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”; – and that’s fine! Choosing a first dance song can be tricky this may help.

Choosing a first dance song is such a different experience for every couple. For some, it is an easy breezy “that’s our song” and hey presto, they’re done.

For others, it’s a minefield: you met on the dancefloor of Coppers and “boom, shake, shake, shake the room” isn’t going to cut it, you and your man don’t have the same tastes in music – he loves Jay-Z while you’re more a Moody Blues sort of girl, and you can’t bear the idea of everyone you know watching you and your two left feet.

Choose your First Dance Song

Well fear not, the first dance, as everything at your wedding, is about you and your man being yourselves and having the time of your life, so dispel all those fears, we’re hear with some helpful pointers to navigate the first dance song minefield and make sure you have a first dance that is just fabulous

Bear in mind the kind of band you’re having when choosing a song. Will your band be able to play the song you choose? Basically there’s no point asking a jazz band to play a rock song, or ask your 90s band to play Fly Me to the Moon. Lots of bands have the more popular first dance songs in their repertoire, but sometimes your band won’t have your chosen first dance song in their repertoire, or simply won’t be able to play the first dance song. You need to think about how important it is for you that the band play your song and ask them if they can/will learn a song especially for you before making the final decision.

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There’s going to be a first dance of the evening, you can’t fight that, but if you’re not that in to the whole thing, or don’t want everyone staring at you, it’s perfectly fine to choose a song that will get the dance floor pumping quickly. People will inevitably push you into the first dance on your own, but you can minimise the time alone on the dancefloor with a party-starting number and by actively encouraging people to get up and join you

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