Old England Hotel Windermere Weddings

Beautiful Wedding  Photography in Cumbria and The Lake District HELLO! I’M Janet.I am an Old England Hotel Windermere weddings photographer and visual storyteller. It was a very dull damp day for the wedding at the Old England Hotel in Bowness. My second shooter and I arrived to cover bride and groom … Continue reading >Old England Hotel Windermere Weddings

Jodi & Daniel’s Wedding Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa

I always enjoy photographing a wedding at Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa. The new refurbishments are beautiful. From the breath-taking atrium to the new suites and bedrooms. Everywhere you look it is just gorgeous. I met up with Jodi, her mum and five bridesmaids for final bridal preps. The … Continue reading >Jodi & Daniel’s Wedding Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa

Elizabeth & Adam Wedding Bristowe Hill Keswick

I was looking forward to photography Elizabeth and Adam’s wedding at Bristowe Hill Keswick. Namely, because this was my first visit to this stunning wedding venue. When I arrived I was blown away by this beautiful wedding venue. Everywhere I looked there was sumptuous seating, stunning metallic wallpaper. Beautiful works … Continue reading >Elizabeth & Adam Wedding Bristowe Hill Keswick

penrith wedding photographer

HELLO! I’M Janet.I am a Penrith wedding photographer and visual storyteller. My goal as a Penrith wedding photographer To begin with. My goal as a Penrith wedding photographer is to craft photographs that are timeless and creative. And a genuine portrayal of your wedding celebration as it unfolds. Next, I want … Continue reading >penrith wedding photographer

Weddings at Kendal Parish Church Cumbria

Kendal Parish Church Kendal Parish Church has beautiful interior and scenic surroundings that provide perfect venue for all weddings. Some people choose a very traditional ceremony; others like to have their favourite music and a friend reading a much-loved poem. For example others invite an orchestra or choir to play and … Continue reading >Weddings at Kendal Parish Church Cumbria

Wedding Veil Lengths

Everything to Know About Wedding Veil Lengths Between cathedral veils and bridal caps, there are so many different wedding veil lengths, styles and details to choose from when it comes to the most iconic bridal accessory Start With Wedding Veil Lengths To find the ideal veil to match your wedding style, first consider length. Test … Continue reading >Wedding Veil Lengths

Traditional Wedding Ceremony Order of Events

Before you start planning your wedding ceremony order , know this: No two wedding ceremonies are alike. Even if some couples say the same vows or take a deep dip for the kiss, every pair has a unique mix of things as it comes to their officiant, remarks, ring exchanges, recessional and … Continue reading >Traditional Wedding Ceremony Order of Events

Emma & Thomas’s Ravenstondale wedding Cumbria

I arrived at Emma’s parents home in Ravenstondale Cumbria on a beautiful sunny morning to capture the wedding preps. The setting for the wedding celebrations was just stunning, fantastic views across the open fields to the Howgills and beyond. Emma and her six bridesmaids were all either having their hair … Continue reading >Emma & Thomas’s Ravenstondale wedding Cumbria

Outdated rules for open-air marriages face reform

Outdated rules banning open-air marriages face reform, Theresa May announces. A two-year review by the Law Commission will begin on Monday to look at making the rules in England and Wales suitable for modern Britain.  Couples at present may only be married in a place of worship or licensed building . … Continue reading >Outdated rules for open-air marriages face reform

Don’t Overlook These Wedding Details

Wedding details you may forget from a day-of rescue kit to goodies for the flower girl, here’s a helpful reminder of wedding details you don’t want to miss  An Emergency Kit Stuck zippers, a drop of red wine and fly away that can’t be tamed—these things happen. But trivial as … Continue reading >Don’t Overlook These Wedding Details

Favourite Wedding Tradition

Something old… All brides know that this is a favourite wedding tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is a must have for your wedding day. The old represents the bride’s past, the new is her bright future. Something borrowed should be from someone happily married, in the … Continue reading >Favourite Wedding Tradition

Should You Book a Videographer

As a full time wedding photographer in the Lake District. I have worked alongside some amazing videographers, so should you book a videographer or not. A picture speaks a thousand words. But a film speaks ten thousand. Capturing the sounds and movements of your day is a priceless treasure. The … Continue reading >Should You Book a Videographer

Ellie & Jason’s St Thomas’ Church & Grange Hotel Wedding

It was a beautiful morning for Ellie & Jason’s St Thomas’ Church & Grange Hotel Wedding . I joined Ellie her mum and all the bridesmaids on a lovely morning in May. The girls were getting ready at the hotel. The hairdresser and MUA were busy at work when I … Continue reading >Ellie & Jason’s St Thomas’ Church & Grange Hotel Wedding

Alissia & Matthew’s Grange Hotel wedding

Weddings at The Grange Hotel It was a beautiful sunny morning as I drove to Alissia and Matthew’s wedding at the Grange hotel. Due to the weather it was decided to hold the wedding ceremony outside in the lovely wedding gazebo. Outdoor weddings are so beautiful, and great fun to … Continue reading >Alissia & Matthew’s Grange Hotel wedding

Average Age We Are Getting Married Increase’s

For marriages of opposite-sex couples, the average (mean) age for men marrying in 2016 was 37.9 years, while for women it was 35.5 years. This was a slight increase for both men and women from the previous year and continued the overall rise recorded since the 1970s. The average age … Continue reading >Average Age We Are Getting Married Increase’s

Church Wedding In Cumbria

What could be more perfect than an church wedding in Cumbria. Probably one of the Most beautiful counties in the United Kingdom, dramatic fells and lakes St Mary’s Church Kirkby Lonsdale Also known as Kirkby Lonsdale Parish Church, in the diocese of Carlisle. The Church of St Mary the Virgin is Norman … Continue reading >Church Wedding In Cumbria

This Is Now The Fastest-Growing Type Of Wedding

Alanna McCaffrey and Ronan Johnson, who were among the first couples in Northern Ireland to have a humanist wedding ceremony, said at the time: “We’re a non-religious couple and we want a very personalised and meaningful ceremony for our marriage. That’s why we want a humanist one – because you … Continue reading >This Is Now The Fastest-Growing Type Of Wedding

Choosing wedding hymns

Choosing wedding hymns can be more difficult than you might think. Regular worshippers may have their own favourites, but if your Sunday morning visits to church have lapsed, your experience of singing hymns may well be limited to memories of school assemblies. Most religious ceremonies will include at least two … Continue reading >Choosing wedding hymns

Lake District Church Weddings

Egremont – St Michael & St Mary’s Church There are some beautiful places of worship in the Lake District for church weddings, I have worked in some of them as a Lake District wedding Photographer. St Michael & St Mary’s Church, is a minor gem of Victorian gothic architecture. Built … Continue reading >Lake District Church Weddings

Choosing a First Dance Song

Not everyone wants to dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”; – and that’s fine! Choosing a first dance song can be tricky this may help. Choosing a first dance song is such a different experience for every couple. For some, it is an easy breezy “that’s our song” and hey presto, they’re … Continue reading >Choosing a First Dance Song

Money Saving Wedding Decorations

For money saving wedding decorations think bold colours. Whether it’s flowers or ribbons, a brighter colour will always look like more, so you won’t need to spend a lot on decorating everything! Besides, a bright colour against a muted background will create a very well put-together look, making your guests … Continue reading >Money Saving Wedding Decorations

Winter Wedding In The Lake District

The beautiful patchwork of mountains, lakes, valleys make winter a wonderful time for a wedding in the Lake District. The Lakes are quieter in the winter months and some of the wedding venues have some amazing offers in the winter. The Daffodil Hotel and Spa The Daffodil Hotel & Spa … Continue reading >Winter Wedding In The Lake District

Questions to ask your registrar

The important details of wedding ceremonies can leave lots of brides more than a little baffled. But, armed with a list of questions to ask your registrar, you’ll be fully prepared for all the legalities around your wedding. When are you available? Your first contact with your register office should … Continue reading >Questions to ask your registrar

Autumn Wedding In The Lake District

Autumn is one of the most spectacular times for a wedding in the Lake District. It’s also one of the most beautiful, as the leaves in our valleys turn from green to gold.  It is fantastic to be a wedding photographer at this time of year. Lingholm Estate If you … Continue reading >Autumn Wedding In The Lake District

Summer Wedding In The Lake District

It is the outstanding natural beauty that has above all made the Lake District one of the most popular places for a summer wedding. Beautiful blue skies, the sun glinting on the lakes. As a professional wedding photographer I have worked at some stunning wedding venues in the Lake District. … Continue reading >Summer Wedding In The Lake District

Spring Wedding In The Lake District

Where better to have a spring wedding than in the glorious Lake District ? This season see the Lake District, Cumbria turn all shades of green, red and yellow as the valley and hills come to life. Cumbria comes to life with an array of blossoming trees, dazzling carpets of … Continue reading >Spring Wedding In The Lake District

Teepee Wedding in The Lake District

Selecting your perfect venue When thinking about a Teepee Wedding in The Lake District. Remember your teepee can go anywhere. Ideally a level grassed surface with good vehicle access. For example consider farmer’s fields, sports fields, pubs/restaurant grounds. Private hotels, community centres, village halls and campsites etc. Getting the teepee … Continue reading >Teepee Wedding in The Lake District