Don’t Overlook These Wedding Details

Wedding details you may forget from a day-of rescue kit to goodies for the flower girl, here’s a helpful reminder of wedding details you don’t want to miss  An Emergency Kit Stuck zippers, a drop of red wine and fly away that can’t be tamed—these things happen. But trivial as … Continue reading >Don’t Overlook These Wedding Details

Favourite Wedding Tradition

Something old… All brides know that this is a favourite wedding tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is a must have for your wedding day. The old represents the bride’s past, the new is her bright future. Something borrowed should be from someone happily married, in the … Continue reading >Favourite Wedding Tradition

The Perfect Bridal Hair Accessory

From clips, combs and hair-pins to flower crowns and wreaths, there are many ideas to consider. You want to ensure that the perfect bridal hair accessory is found to match your dress. As a Cumbria and Lake District wedding photographer i have seen some amazing hair accessories. The overall theme … Continue reading >The Perfect Bridal Hair Accessory

Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

After weeks of scouring wedding dress shops, choosing your wedding jewellery is just as crucial to give you the perfect look as you walk down the aisle.  Compliment Your Dress First off, the colour of your jewellery needs to stay in theme with your dress. If you’ve gone for an … Continue reading >Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

Preserving your Bridal Bouquet

Pressing your Bridal Bouquet One of the ways of preserving your bridal bouquet is to press it, and it’s a relatively simple process too. Spread your flowers onto parchment paper, and lay them inside a heavy book, then add another layer of parchment paper on top to stop the ink … Continue reading >Preserving your Bridal Bouquet

Your Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake will be a centre piece at your wedding ,symbolising the first meal eaten as a married couple. From wheat cakes traditionally consumed by the Romans, into the endless variety of cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts and other delicacies available. As a wedding photographer In Cumbria and The Lake District … Continue reading >Your Wedding Cake

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Choose a venue to suit your personalities Below are listed some tips for choosing your wedding venue. Every couple is unique, so work as a team to find a venue that includes both of your tastes. Whether you go for a modern loft, a simple beach wedding, or a grand … Continue reading >Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Venue

10 Wedding Traditions

1) Something old… All brides know that the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is part of the 10 wedding traditions, The old represents the bride’s past, the new is her bright future. Something borrowed should be from someone happily married, in the hope that the good luck … Continue reading >10 Wedding Traditions

Candles for Your Wedding

Candles are synonymous with romance, and weddings are all about just that so why not have candles for your wedding. Whether they are lighting your way up the aisle, decorating your reception tables or making their way home with your guests as favours The theme of your wedding can guide … Continue reading >Candles for Your Wedding

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

1) Comfort Make sure your wedding bouquet is comfortable to hold when choosing your wedding flowers. You want to look relaxed and beautiful, not like you’re coming to the end of a weight lifting session – sweaty bride probably isn’t what you’re going for. So, talk this through with your … Continue reading >Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Photography Checklist

Your wedding day is going to be filled with dozens of photo-worthy moments, here is a wedding photography checklist. Yes, of course, you’ll want to get all the traditional portraits and milestone moments (like your first kiss), but don’t forget about all the little things in between. From your wedding dress … Continue reading >Wedding Photography Checklist

Your Wedding Legalities

Marriage ceremonies can come in so many different and amazing forms so you need to know you wedding legalities. Whether it’s at a temple, mosque, synagogue, church or a registry office, a marriage partnership is one of the oldest traditions in many cultures. It can be difficult knowing exactly which wedding legalities each … Continue reading >Your Wedding Legalities

Wedding Reading For Teenagers

Choosing a Wedding Reading For Teenagers can be tricky, as they are too old for wedding reading for children and too young for some quotes and readings. Below is a small selection you may find useful. Nick Hornby wedding reading  Nick Hornby’s most famous book is probably About a Boy, … Continue reading >Wedding Reading For Teenagers

Readings and Poems for Civil Ceremonies

As a Wedding Photographer in the Lake District I have heard some beautiful readings and poems for civil ceremonies. They are always a very emotional part of the wedding. I have chosen a couple of my favourites below. Wedding readings from literature and books The Promise, Heather Berry “Within this … Continue reading >Readings and Poems for Civil Ceremonies

Best Disney Quotes for Wedding Ceremony Readings

As a lake district wedding photographer I have heard some of the best Disney quotes for wedding ceremony readings. Whether you choose lyrics from your favourite Disney song, or a quote from one of the ever wise characters, there’s something for every Disney lover here. Sleeping Beauty Imagine being woken … Continue reading >Best Disney Quotes for Wedding Ceremony Readings