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Welcome to a small selection of posts related to Grasmere Wedding Photography. Most of the information on this page will either be related to the wedding venues in the immediate vicinity ,or will be details of weddings I have photographed. However I do hope to include details of nearby photography locations and beauty spots in the near future. The Grasmere area is blessed with more than its fair share of interesting and unique wedding venues, and in addition has a variety of wonderful countryside in which to shoot stunning Bride and Groom photography. This can be done either on the big day or a separate shoot can be arranged at a later date.

Grasmere Weddings

There are some beautiful wedding Venues around Grasmere. I have been lucky enough to attend lots of Grasmere Weddings. A Beautiful place for wedding photography. The Wordsworth Hotel is the perfect location for Weddings, The Wordsworth Hotel, situated in this picturesque village, is a jewel. The former shooting lodge of…

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