Candles for your wedding
Candles for your wedding

Candles are synonymous with romance, and weddings are all about just that so why not have candles for your wedding. Whether they are lighting your way up the aisle, decorating your reception tables or making their way home with your guests as favours

Candles for your wedding

The theme of your wedding can guide you of what to use: a country wedding may call for raw pure bees wax candles, a tropical wedding tea lights in tropical flavoured scents, vintage weddings may call for candles displayed in cages or lanterns.

Scented candles come in an amazing array and type, from chocolate to jasmine. You can link the scent to the theme of your wedding or just choose something you love to smell and will always remind you of your big day

Candles for your wedding

Lanterns are perfect at a vintage wedding. Another nice option for candles are birdcages, just make sure they are made of metal. You don’t want any unexpected fires.

Tables centres look fabulous with candles that last all night. They’ll be surrounded by non-flammable items (flowers, stones) but make sure they are not scented if you are serving a meal.

Led candles are a good option for indoor use where there are health and safety issues. They are affordable, can be reused and have the added advantage that you don’t have to worry about relighting them.

How about a candle making day course for the hen do? It’s an enjoyable option for those who want to stay away from crazy parties and nightclubs, it is suitable for all ages and you get to take something away as a token of the day.

There are lots of different holders for your candles. A wide but shallow bowl can hold floating candles, tall elegant silver candle holders give a timeless romantic air fit for a banquet, small tea lights are cute, economical and can be dotted in alcoves for a castle wedding or in an old atmospheric church.

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