Bump Shoot At Bowness

bump shoot at bowness

I met Helen and Carl for their bump shoot at Bowness it was a beautiful crisp winters day. They had chosen Cockshott Point a beautful location with views up and down Windermere.

Cockshott is on beautiful Lake Windermere in the Lake District. You can see all the cruise passenger boats go past and other private boats. You can do lots of things such as taking a ride on the cruise passenger boats. Also, if you are here in the summer there is an Air Show on the Glebe which is very close to Cockshott Point and there you will maybe see a Red Arrows Display so you want a good view. If you go down to Cockshott there is a huge patch of grass for you to sit on and have a good view of events

bump shoot at bowness

This is a great place for children to have an adventure or two – they might find pirate hides, or dragons and the trees might come alive! Following the shore brings you to an enclosed ‘stone beach’. This is ‘Pirate Bay’, home to some of the most dastardly villains in the Lake District! We’ve spent many hours searching for their hidden treasure (chocolate coins, mostly). Cockshott Wood is up on the hill. It’s rarely used, but it’s brilliant. It’s got logs to clamber over, pine cones to collect, a hidden bench and even a cliff! A couple of exposed rocks make ideal places for stories about old castle ruins.

So if you a looking for somewhere for a Bump Shoot Bowness is a great location,


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