Bride Photo Gallery

The Bride Getting Ready

Getting ready is such a fun time, full of anticipation and excitement. Perfect for the bride photo gallery. Was it the moment you first got into your dress, having your makeup done or ( probably ) sharing a drink with your bridesmaids – you’ll love looking back on the pictures! Photo from a wedding at the gorgeous Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa

bride photo gallery

The Shoes

Your wedding shoes will probably spend most of the day hidden under your dress, so make ensure you get at least one snap of them in all their glory.  Another great shot for the bride photo gallery

bride photo gallery

Walking Down the Aisle

This is a emotional moment in time that is full of joy and excitement and is one of the times that all brides say flies past in a blur, your photographer is there to make a fleeting moment last a lifetime.

bride photo gallery

Bridal Portrait

Obviously several full length portraits of the bride are a must, after the bride has spend large amount of time ( and money ! ) finding the perfect dress for their big day.

Staircase Shot

Whether sitting or standing, make the most of a beautiful staircases and couches to create levels in your bridal photo gallery. This shows off the each dress and frames the bride in a unique way each time.

Wedding Flowers from wedding in the Lake District


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