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The second a couples eyes first meet each other during that incredible walk up the aisle is a the most anticipated bride and groom photograph of the wedding.What a truly unique moment, that all preparation and planning has lead up to. You are just seconds away from finally making a commitment to your soul mate

Fingers Crossed for Cloud

A bright sunny day might sound perfect, but a little cloud cover ensures the light is a little softer and prevents any squinting. If possible avoid having shots around noon The time of day can provide quite harsh lighting, which can sometimes cause unflattering shadows under the eyes.”

While you’re deciding what photographs to capture on your big day, make sure your list contains a confetti shot , always lots of fun for both you and your guests

Confetti lends itself to creating a real sense of celebration, full of happiness and laughter

There’s so much fun in this image! Confetti and plenty of it creates a memorable memory full of romance, a must for your bride and groom photos

Clare & Chris's Lake District Wedding Photography Lodore Falls Hotel

There is something very special about a father of the bride photo, how can you not be drawn to the emotion in this picture as the bride’s dad walks her down the aisle to her groom .

beeston manor wedding photography

It is impossible to know if this couple have been overcome by a fit of the giggles or by tears of joy. Anyway it’s a heart warming and intimate moment. I love how she’s hidden her face in his chest and he’s doing the sameagainst her hair. A beautiful part of bride and groom photos

Photography Janet Ridley Lake District Wedding Photographer


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