Bride and Bridesmaid Pictures

Getting the best Bride and Bridesmaid Pictures should be really easy. Picking the right girls can be really tricky , choosing the dresses and organising their presents – but once that is all sorted you can concentrate on the fun part.

Faye & Dan St Mary's Church Kirkby Lonsdale & K.L.R.U.C

How to photograph them!

You only get married once (hopefully) and along with getting the best wedding photography of you, your partner and your guests, you also want stunning Bride and Bridesmaid Pictures

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

These bridesmaids look pretty good taking the must have selfie. No wedding is rteally complete without a few selfies and which bridesmaid would miss the opportunity to record the day she accompanies her BFF down the aisle.

Smiles All Round

This is one of the most important bridesmaid photographs, it shows the moment when the bride finally reveals her wedding look to her girls. The look on their faces tells you everything you need to knowl.

Flower Faces

Faye & Dan St Mary's Church Kirkby Lonsdale & K.L.R.U.C

Having a photo taken just like this one is the perfect way to show off your beautiful wedding flowers it just makes a really colourful picture if nothing else.


janet ridley wedding photograph

This bride and her bridesmaids are really showing us some coordination in this photograph and I think it’s fantastic. The barn wood back drop and the way the picture is framed go perfectly with the style and colours of the dresses.

Here Come The Girls 

Running through the fields with not a care in the world, I love this photograph because of the fun it shows. Everyone has a huge smile on their face and the fact they are all wearing pretty funky wellies makes this picture even more amazing

Photo’s Janet Ridley Photography


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