Bridal Party Photos

Wedding photography At Gretna Green Bridal Party Photos

Your bridal party photos are something to cherish for many years to come. So you definately will not want to look back and have to remember the stress you were under rounding up your friends. Here are some helpful ideas to getting your bridal party photos done as painlessly and efficiently as possible.

Help your photographer make a list  

Your photographer will happily take all the photo combinations you request. However, let them know which ones are most important to you so you can focus on these and not ones that do not really matter. For example, if you are not to fussed about getting shots with each of your individual bridesmaids, and you’re happy to skip that part then tell your photographer .

Bridal Party Photos Emma and Keith Inn On The Lake

Communicate with your bridesmaids. 

You may prefer to get your bridesmaids photography at the ceremony, Or maybe get them done afterwards if your reception is at another venue, . Either way, communicate clearly where and when the photos are happening with your bridal party. This way there will be no confused bridesmaids or groomsmen hanging around at the bar when they clearly need to be in front of the camera.

Bridal Party Photos

Don’t drink too much before the photos. 

Partying too enthusiastically before taking photos (just one more cocktail in the limo to the reception or large amounts of bubbly in the hotel room) is a big no. No surprise here but if you’re plastered during the photo session then it will show in the photography. Not just that, but it’s almost certain to take a lot more time since everyone will be much less responsive. Compromise a little , how about “one glass of champagne” if anyone’s a little edgy before the photo session. Don’t overdo it.

Bridal Party Photos

Most of all Have fun. 

Bridal Party Photos

Don’t get stressed too much. Your wedding party photos shouldn’t feel like hard work. Look upon it as a fun packed and special moment that’s all part of your experience of the wedding day . Just let your personality show through and have fun . This way your photos will not drag along and will turn out as amazing as you want them to

Photography by Janet Ridley Photography


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