Best Man Duties

Find out exactly what the best man’s duties include and what is involved in the role of best man so you don’t forget anything

Typically, you won’t be involved in much of the wedding planning, but the best man’s duties include planning a stag do for the groom, giving the best man’s speech and keeping the wedding rings safe on the big day.

Best Man Duties

Sounds pretty easy, right? It’ll be even easier if you use this guide to swot up everything you need to do.

Help Choose the Suits

One of the main duties that comes with being best man is the suit shopping. The best man will need to assist the groom in rounding up the ushers and the other important male members of the wedding party to go and try on suits.

Best Man Duties

Get Acquainted With the Ushers

The best man needs to be aware of who all the ushers are and what duty they’ll have on the day so he can make sure everyone is in place before the bride arrives.

As the wedding date approaches, you need to make sure the ushers know where they need to be, what they’re doing and at what time. This also includes any last minute suit fittings.

Plan The Stag Do

This is the best man’s moment to shine, and probably the moment all best men dream of: planning the stag do. You’ll take the lead in organising the groom’s last big night out before he gets married. Check with the groom for a list of people he’d like to attend and think carefully about locations.

The best way to plan the stag do is to pick two or three dates and ask the rest of the group who can attend them, before picking the date the majority can do. It might seem ruthless but it’s the easiest way to organise a large group of people without going back and forth too much.

On the Wedding Day

Questions to ask your wedding registrar

This is it – the big day for couple, and for the best man too.

The best man needs to help the groom get ready on the morning of the wedding, take delivery of any buttonholes and hand them out to the groomsmen.

Keep The Rings Safe

Keep the wedding rings safe ahead of the ceremony, and make sure the ushers are in place and the orders of service are out. Best Man Duties should be fun so enjoy them.

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