Average Age We Are Getting Married Increase’s

Average Age

For marriages of opposite-sex couples, the average (mean) age for men marrying in 2016 was 37.9 years, while for women it was 35.5 years. This was a slight increase for both men and women from the previous year and continued the overall rise recorded since the 1970s. The average age at marriage for same-sex couples in 2016 was slightly higher at 40.8 years for men and 37.4 years for women. This is in England and Wales

Looking at just first marriages of opposite-sex couples, the average age of single men was 33.4 years and for women was 31.5 years. Among same-sex couples marrying for the first time, the average ages of both single men and women were higher at 39.5 and 35.4 years respectively.

Average Age

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