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    Do I Need A Wedding Photographer

    It is easy to think that a professional wedding photographer unnecessary expense in the age of the camera phone. However when the only pictures of your wedding you have are of unflattering or even embarassing, You will be glad you did not skimp. Organising the friends and family During the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, the last thing you want to do is organise all your group shoots. This is definitely one area an experienced professional wedding photographer really earns their pay. Along with taking gorgeous images of your day, another important part of their job is to organise the group shots Not a job for the fainthearted…

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    Lake District Wedding Photographer

    Outdoor Wedding Venues Lake District

    Listed below are a handful of the stunning Outdoor Wedding Venues Lake District. All have there own unique settings and all make a perfect place to get married. Broadoaks Country House Hotel Recently voted Cumbria’s Wedding Venue of the Year at the Cumbria’s Tourism Awards. If you are looking for a magical venue for your special day, Broadoaks Country House could be just what you are looking for . Sitting amid the beauty of the Lake District and with a long history, The hotel has 7 acres of secluded gardens, a magical beck running through the grounds and stunning views across the Lake District, offering the perfect backdrop for your…

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    Lake District Wedding Photographer

    Exclusive Use Wedding Venues Lake District

    There are numerous Exclusive Use Wedding Venues in The Lake District, all beautifully positioned either by lakes or set in the beautiful scenery of The Lake District. I have listed just a few for you to view. New House Farm Located in the beautiful and picturesque Lorton Valley, New House Farm is a Grade II listed luxury country guest house, originally built in 1650. Wedding receptions are held in The Hayloft, a beautifully restored barn with a capacity of up to 130 people. The venue has its own kitchen and a well stocked and staffed bar. Additionally , you have the opportunity to make use of the country house for…

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    Cumbria Wedding Photographer

    How Many Hours Of Wedding Photography Do I Need

    How Many Hours Of Wedding Photography Do I Need First Figure Out the Size Of Your Wedding Some things to initial think about is how large is your guest list, how many brides maids and groomsmen do you have, is the ceremony and the reception in the same place or is travel required between? Do you have a large or blended family that will require a lot of formal portraits? Then you will need to allot time for this as you will keep your guests waiting for your arrival at the reception. Know up front how many formal family portraits you want and discuss this with your photographer prior to…

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    Groom Getting Ready Photos

    Groom Getting Ready Photos – The nervous groom getting ready photos and having his best man give the all-important pep talk is a must. If you’re getting ready in different places the photographer may be busy with the bride either ask if he/she can take some groom getting ready photos see if he/she can send an assistant to take some. Why Grooms Look Great in Reportage Photographs It’s one thing to say “act natural ’ but if you are trying to pose in front of a camera it can feel very uncomfortable. I suggest choosing your photographer carefully, find one who specialises in natural unposed photography for your groom preparation…

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    Cumbria Wedding Photographer

    What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

    You want your photographer to be your closest friend on your big day. So a few thoughts on what you need to tell your wedding photographer. They will be with you for every second of the day, right from the beginning. They will see you more than your partner. They are the one who will be there to make those memories of you as newlyweds. And of your guests, happily celebrating your marriage. Make sure you and your photographer are on the same page ,see the handy tips below 1) Ask them what they will wear > you do not want a photographer in sneakers and shorts at your stylish…

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    Coniston Wedding

    Graham and Peter’s Coniston Wedding was held at The Waterhead Hotel and the family home. The weather was perfect too, beautiful blue skies and sunshine Welcome to the The Waterhead Hotel at Coniston, Known for a friendly and relaxed feel, the Waterhead Hotel in Coniston makes a perfect Lake District retreat. There is a cosy and comfortable bar where guests can relax and take in the views down towards the lake. Sit in the the hotel’s restaurant ,look out onto the stunning mountain scenery and select something from the excellent local cuisine. I am not sure if The Waterhead at Coniston still host weddings and it has recently changed ownership…

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    Lake District Wedding Photographer

    Bride Photo Gallery

    The Bride Getting Ready Getting ready is such a fun time, full of anticipation and excitement. Perfect for the bride photo gallery. Was it the moment you first got into your dress, having your makeup done or ( probably ) sharing a drink with your bridesmaids – you’ll love looking back on the pictures! Photo from a wedding at the gorgeous Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa The Shoes Your wedding shoes will probably spend most of the day hidden under your dress, so make ensure you get at least one snap of them in all their glory.  Another great shot for the bride photo gallery Walking Down the Aisle This…

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    Cumbria Wedding Photographer

    Bride and Groom Images

    The First Look It’s one of the most emotional moment of the whole day and one of the best bride and groom images – when the groom first sees his bride walking down the isle. A precious moment you’ll want to remember forever!  I Now Pronounce you Husband and Wife! A first kiss picture is beautiful but just as joyful is a picture of the bride and groom walking down the aisle as husband and wife, surrounded by all their friends and family! Landmarks  Getting married at a famous building or landmark, you’ve certainly got a perfect backdrop for your images . Whether it’s a historic place of interest or…

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    Cumbria Wedding Photographer

    Bridal Party Photos

    Your bridal party photos are something to cherish for many years to come. So you definately will not want to look back and have to remember the stress you were under rounding up your friends. Here are some helpful ideas to getting your bridal party photos done as painlessly and efficiently as possible. Help your photographer make a list   Your photographer will happily take all the photo combinations you request. However, let them know which ones are most important to you so you can focus on these and not ones that do not really matter. For example, if you are not to fussed about getting shots with each of…

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    Questions To Ask When Hiring A Photographer

    Q. How far in advance should I book my photographer? Questions To Ask When Hiring A Photographer – Most people book a venue first and then other suppliers. I have been booked as far in advance as three years and at the other extreme one days notice. It’s normally around the 12 to 18 month mark. I’ve have known couples arrange their wedding date around wether their photographer was available, however most photographers will not hold a date for more than a few days without a signed contract and a deposit Q. Do you mind wedding guests taking photos at the same time as you? “I do not have problem…

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    Cumbria Wedding Photographer

    Halecat House Wedding Venue

    The Halecat House Wedding Venue is beautifully situated at the head of a wooded valley with a stunning view over Arnside and Morecambe Bay. Situated at the southern end of the Lake District and a part of the Witherslack Estate. This is a very popular area for wildlife enthusiasts and walkers, The estate also boasts glorious mixed broad leaf woodlands with several Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Of the estates 2000 acres 750 are wooded, since the Iron Age firewood has been cut and processed here . The woods have recently been returned to profitable coppice production. They now heat the house and surrounding buildings by feeding a biomass boiler.…

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    Wedding Photography Tips For Brides

    Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life so here are some wedding photography tips for brides on their special day. Your pictures will serve as a precious reminder of your day. The Bride Getting Ready Ensure your photographer takes plenty of pictures on the morning of the wedding, it’s such a fun time, brimming with excitement. Regardless of whether it’s the minute you get into your dress, having your cosmetics done or sharing somr bubbly with your bridesmaids – you’ll love thinking back on the pictures. Not Forgetting the Boys…  You’ll definitely want photographs of the boys before the ceremony too. If time is to…

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    Bride and Groom Photos

    The second a couples eyes first meet each other during that incredible walk up the aisle is a the most anticipated bride and groom photograph of the wedding.What a truly unique moment, that all preparation and planning has lead up to. You are just seconds away from finally making a commitment to your soul mate Fingers Crossed for Cloud A bright sunny day might sound perfect, but a little cloud cover ensures the light is a little softer and prevents any squinting. If possible avoid having shots around noon The time of day can provide quite harsh lighting, which can sometimes cause unflattering shadows under the eyes.” While you’re deciding…

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    Bride and Bridesmaid Pictures

    Getting the best Bride and Bridesmaid Pictures should be really easy. Picking the right girls can be really tricky , choosing the dresses and organising their presents – but once that is all sorted you can concentrate on the fun part. How to photograph them! You only get married once (hopefully) and along with getting the best wedding photography of you, your partner and your guests, you also want stunning Bride and Bridesmaid Pictures But First, Let Me Take A Selfie These bridesmaids look pretty good taking the must have selfie. No wedding is rteally complete without a few selfies and which bridesmaid would miss the opportunity to record the…

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    Grasmere Wedding Photography

    Grasmere Weddings

    There are some beautiful wedding Venues around Grasmere. I have been lucky enough to attend lots of Grasmere Weddings. A Beautiful place for wedding photography. The Wordsworth Hotel is the perfect location for Weddings, The Wordsworth Hotel, situated in this picturesque village, is a jewel. The former shooting lodge of The Earl of Cadogan has been reborn as a country house hotel, set within stunning gardens and offering the finest cuisine and spa pampering.  Whether you’re plans are for a summer wedding on the magnificent lawns or the romance of a candlelit winter wedding surrounded by the snow-capped Lake District fells. All planned with the support of a dedicated wedding…

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    Groom and Groomsmen Photos

    Don’t let the wedding industrial complex tell you that it’s only women who get to enjoy their wedding day. Groom and Groomsmen photos can be just as much fun. Instead of spending your time with your amazing new bride, why not hang out with your mates taking ridiculous pictures? What better way to spend your wedding day than jumping around with your groomsmen or running away from the local widlife? Some of these ideas could make excellent groom and groomsmen photo ideas There was a time when men always wore tuxedos to a weddings.  Times have changed!  Grooms’ clothing can be jeans and cowboy hats, kilts ,bow ties and smart suits .…

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